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VAREX with another demonstration of interesting machines

We live in high-tech times where almost anything is possible. Generations change, and the world continues to evolve through innovation. Innovations that we constantly observe even in the agricultural sector. Agricultural machinery is much smarter, more resilient and more productive than before. Farmers can now monitor their production fleet remotely, make the necessary adjustments remotely, and even participate in the production process itself remotely.

In the land of our dear client – Margarita Zaharieva in the village of Ivancha, municipality of Polski Trumbesh, district of Veliko Tarnovo, the VAREX team demonstrated the working capabilities of some of the most productive and reliable machines from its portfolio of machines, with the main emphasis being placed on the following technique:

  1. Spearhead mulching mower – STUBBLE MASTER 500: the model has a 5 m working width, with three sections of rotors, each with 6 pcs. cutting knife – on two levels. The machine is adapted for a tractor of about 150 hp. at 1000 rpm on the PTO. The advantages of the machine over other manufacturers are the two rows of cutting knives that chop the residue at a minimum level above the surface, and the extremely smooth surface above and below the chopper helps the cut vegetation to pass smoothly and quickly.
  2. GRIM 9 MAXI self-propelled sprayer, which demonstrates unsurpassed clearance and speed of work. The 9 MAXI series is the highest performing and versatile machine that is suitable for working with higher crops such as corn, sunflower, canola, cotton and others. This is achieved thanks to the exceptional clearance between the frame and the ground – 1550 mm. with the possibility of the clearance becoming 1700 or 1800 mm. The machine is driven thanks to POCLAIN hydrostatic motors, through which it reaches a high working speed. The solution tank is 3500 l or 4000 l.
  3. MF Activa S7347/MCS Combine – engineered to offer real choice to farmers. Combines have very high equipment packages compared to other machines in this class. The ACTIVA series models are characterized by the fact that they are for smaller farms. This model has a simple threshing system, but at the same time high performance, power of 300 hp, 6 straw walkers and an 8600 liter hopper.
  4. CLAYDON TerraStar® Cultivator – Stirring up a little more soil than the Claydon straw harrow, the TerraStar® Cultivator breaks off only parts of the topsoil, keeping the soil structure intact and fit for agricultural machinery to move over. The rotating working bodies of the “star” type, mounted in a grid pattern every 200 mm. on the cutting devices on both sides of the machine dig pockets in the soil 80×80 mm. These stars create a slight slope favorable to the germination of self-seeds and weeds. This slope is then moved through the Claydon straw harrow, which serves to remove the germinating plants, eliminating the need for spraying until soil conditions permit harrowing.
  5. Claydon Hibrid T4 Trailed Seeder – The lead tine of the Claydon seeder breaks up the soil, but just enough to create a moist, aerated slope for rapid germination. It creates a drainage channel so that the seeds do not become waterlogged and rot. The soil is disturbed only where necessary – in the seeding and rooting strip, which in turn allows the plants to develop strong and deep roots, while at the same time pushing moisture into the untreated areas of the soil. The Claydon planter improves soil structure and fertility by doing so consistently, year after year, regardless of soil type.
    During the demonstration, the invited guests were highly impressed by the demonstrated performance of the machines.

More information of the machines you can find HERE.

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