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The face of agriculture is constantly changing based on advances in technology.

Technology must be there to help you as a customer to get the most out of what a machine has to offer, but also what you can improve without interfering your work.

We strive to help you to understand the capabilities of the equipment you have and how to use it in the most efficient way possible for your business.

VAREX offers a wide range of machines of MASSEY FERGUSON, and for them supplies and installs the following equipment for precision agriculture – Trimble, NovaTel or Topcon.

Over the years, we have gained knowledge and experience in this sector of agriculture so that we can provide you with the best support.

The technology in agriculture now covers not only automatic control and guidance with the highest levels of accuracy, but also allows customers to use precision farming technology to control equipment.

Telemetry is the latest part that has been added to the services and allows customers, the dealer and the manufacturer to monitor the machines closely.

While you are in the office through a mobile application or computer, you can see where each of your machines is located and what is being done with it at the moment. Also – what is its fuel level, alarms and other useful information that will facilitate your daily operations and decision-making.

Used technologies

Automatic guidance / AUTO GUIDE has been used in agriculture for the last 20 years and has become now the standard for the most new tractors.
Different levels of accuracy of the AUTO GUIDE are possible depending on the equipment and processing used.
Massey Ferguson offers solutions that allow Automatic guidance with an accuracy of 25 cm to 2 cm using a signal from a satellite or ground source.

Precision farming
This is where we go one step further and really start to make the most of modern technology. Precision farming is where we can use IT to ensure that crops and soil receive the right raw materials and the right time to improve crop health and productivity.

In precision farming, Section Control is the most commonly used system, which allows tractor technology to control where attachments apply their product. This means that the product only goes where it needs to be in order to reduce overlaps and not go beyond the cultivated area of the field.

Variable rate control VRT – is placed where the rate of application of the product will vary depending on the location of the tractor in the field.

This is possible thanks to a pre-set yield map and the results of soil samples from a specific field.

Based on this information, a map of the field is prepared with specific norms of the applied preparations, fertilizers and seeds for each part of it.

All these features, when are used together, will help you get the most out of the land you cultivate.

Telemetry allows the owner, VAREX Ltd or the manufacturer to monitor the time of the machine to optimize work efficiency and keep downtime to a minimum.

MF Connect allows remote monitoring and decision making in near real time. Machine data can be used to make informed operational decisions about logistics. You can be anywhere with a mobile
device and have access to the following information: geographical location of the machine, fuel level, fuel consumption or remaining hours of service.

MF Connect can help you to keep the machine in optimal condition, increasing uptime by making sure your machines are ready to go when needed. Notification of service and maintenance. See the extraordinary settings of the machine and help to plan the maintenance, periodically with high load during the campaign.