As last year, as well as this year, VAREX Ltd. organized a demonstration campaign on sowing autumn crops with the help of Claydon planters.

The campaign was initially launched in the Stara Zagora region /c. Bozduganovo/, and then continued throughout the country, covering the regions: Dobrich – the village of Smolnitsa and the village of Izvorovo, the village of Chubra /Sliven/, the village of Izgrev /Yambol/, the village of Ivanovo /Haskovo/, the village of Beley, Vidin, Valchedrum and many others.

The campaign is not over yet, as this week the VAREX team will demonstrate the effectiveness and reliability of the Claydon planters in the Ruse region: Brashlen village, Svalenik village and Drinovo village.

The main machine of the brand, which is used for the purposes of the campaign, is the Claydon Evolution M3F mounted seeder, which is the most ideal machine possible for the realization of a trouble-free sowing for the Bulgarian farmers. It works great in the Bulgarian conditions by preserving the soil structure, moisture and supporting the favorable development of crops!

It is no coincidence that the new range of Claydon Evolution mounted seed drills takes direct strip seeding to the next level. A level that builds on the company’s 20 years of experience with this technology, incorporating the time-proven lead tooth technique and combining it with new operational functionality.

Why this seed drills are different? With nine new models covering working widths of 3m, 4m, 4.5m, 4.8m, 5m and 6m, hopper size has increased to 1,910 litres for seed-only units and a 2,500-litre tank for the 3m 3MF and 4m 4MRF split 50:50 between seed and fertiliser. The larger hoppers reduce downtime and increase output, while second and third hopper options for applying multiple types, varieties and sizes of seed further enhance versatility. Typical daily outputs range from 20ha for the 3m Evolution, which requires a tractor of a minimum of 150hp, to 40ha for the 6m version which needs a minimum of 300hp.

Seed depth adjustment is controlled hydraulically in the new Evolution range and improved access to the metering unit allows easier calibration. Front-mounted discs which are operated hydraulically from the tractor seat can be specified for seeding into high residue situations. The tried and tested front leading tine followed by 180mm A share is fitted as standard with a wide range of seeding share and boot options. Twin tine and disc kit options can be specified for low disturbance drilling.

Evolution drills have been designed for use as strip-till direct drills but can also be used after conventional tillage, such as ploughing, following consolidation.

During the campaign, in some of the regions around the country, at the request of the customers, the high efficiency and workability of the Claydon – TerraStar cultivators was demonstrated. As hosts, they were more than impressed with their undeniable reliability.

If you would like to know more about Claydon machines or find out more information about the campaign, be sure to contact your nearest VAREX regional dealer using the national telephone number: *7007.

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