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VAREX presented the first SPEARHEAD rotary mulching mower in Bulgaria

VAREX Ltd. is proud to present for the first time in Bulgaria the STUBBLE MASTER 500 mulching mower of the English manufacturer SPEARHEAD.

The demonstration was held in the harvested corn field in the land of the village of Mudrevo by the kind host – Murtaza Saltak and the assistance of the regional representative of the company – Jack Wyatt.

SPEARHEAD is part of the ALAMO concern, and its products in this sector are market leaders and are of the highest level.

The machine is primarily intended for mulching/shredding corn residue, and can also be used for clearing sunflower, wheat and rape stubble.

The model that was presented has a working width of 5 m, with three sections of rotors, each with 6 cutting knives – on two levels. The machine is adapted for a tractor of about 150 hp. with 1000 rpm. on the PTO.

The advantages of the machine over other manufacturers are the two rows of cutting knives, which cut the residues at a minimum level above the surface. The extremely smooth surface on the top and bottom of the chopper helps the cut vegetation pass smoothly and quickly.

The machine has BONDIOLI gearboxes with a 24-year warranty, and the new models for next year will have ALAMO gearboxes with a 7-YEAR WARRANTY.

The side sections are floating, which allows the terrain to be copied
up to 10° in height and up to -30° in depth. The settings of the machine are extremely easy depending on the terrain and the crop being cut.

Machine owner Murtaza Saltak and those attending the demonstration were highly impressed with the machine’s performance, with the results yet to be seen.
The other models that VAREX company offers to its customers are STUBBLE MASTER 730 and 910.


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