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Combine MF Ideal 8T – field demonstration

On July 11, 2023, the team of VAREX Ltd. held a field demonstration with a MF DEAL 8T harvester in the area of the town of Kubrat with the assistance of the kind host – STEMAGRO.

The black pearl of the Massey Ferguson brand portfolio did more than brilliantly with the wheat harvest. A yield of around 700 kg was observed. per acre, zero losses, good straw condition and excellent grain quality in the hopper.

Customers were delighted with the ease and precision with which the machine operated.

IDEAL is the first high-capacity harvester of its kind, unique with its impressive design.
With IDEAL, MASSEY FERGUSON sets new standards in terms of productivity, grain cleanliness and straw cutting, reliability, the machine’s ability to autonomously manage processes through a unique machine setup sensor technology.

This combine is available in three models in general – 7,8 and 9 with power of 451, 538 and 647 hp. Equipped with the Helix threshing and separating system, including the longest rotor on the market with a length of 4.84 m and a diameter of 600 mm. Featuring the largest grain hopper on the market with a capacity of 17,100 liters (18% more than combines in this class) and the highest unloading speed of 210 litres/second (32% faster than ever). The chassis of the combine is only 1.40 m, keeping a width under 3.30 m. even with 26″ front tracks. The combine is equipped with a unique RowerFlow header with a maximum working width of 12.20 m.

It is equipped with the new Idealharvest system, allowing visualization of the load on the threshing and cleaning system in real time by means of acoustic sensors (MADS). Taking information from the sensors, the machine automatically adjusts to these specifications and reacts in real time to changing harvest conditions. For example, the IDEALharvest system can automatically adjust the distance between the counter and the rotation speed of the rotors.

IDEAL’s new Vision cab offers plenty of space, exceptional visibility, as well as the ease and quality of handling that MASSEY FERGUSON is well known for.

MASSEY FERGUSON IDEAL offers dynamics, efficiency, performance and power.

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