Varex Ltd held the second series of demonstrations of agricultural machinery, this time in the village Radanovo, in the region of Veliko Tarnovo.

The event gathered dozens of farmers and cooperatives from Central and Northern Bulgaria. At one of the fields of Krasi Ltd company, they had the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest agricultural machinery, that Varex company offers on the market.

In recent years Varex strengthens its position on the market in all regions of the country. Here is what the trade director of the company, Philip Lazarov said, in front of the camera of Tractor BG:

“I just want to say that we are getting better with what we are doing, and namely full regional presence in all regions of Bulgaria. This is a second demonstration, from the demo series we have scheduled for October and thus we want to show our presence in this region.”

Eleven combinations of machines were shown at the demonstration – rubber-track tractor Challenger, Valtra tractors, aggregated with soil tilling equipment with the brands of Simba Great Plains, Goizin, Maschio, Gaspardo. For the first time in Bulgaria was shown the multistage cultivator SLD 540 of Simba Great Plains.

The rubber-track tractor Challenger, aggregated with the multifunctional cultivator SLD 540 of Simba Great Plains demonstrated excellent work on the field. This cultivator is equipped with a row of disks, a row of subsoilers (up to 25-30 cm), the second row of disks, and DD rollers. The combination of the two machines leads to very high performance. The tractor is extremely gentle to the soil structure.

From the middle of this year, Varex represents the seed drills Maschio Gaspardo on the Bulgarian market. Two seed drills in combination with Valtra tractors were presented, designed for small and medium-sized farms. Tractor Valtra A93, 105 hp, was working on the field with the classical 4 m. seed drill Maschio Gaspardo Nina, and the bigger tractor, Valtra N121, 135 hp was sowing with the 4 m. pneumatic seed drill Maschio Gaspardo Pinta. After the presentation of the seed drills, the combination between tractor Valtra A93 and rubber roller Simba Great Plains, 8,20 m. was shown.

At the end of the field demonstration, the self-propelled sprayer RoGator 655 was presented. It is equipped with engine AGCO Sisu Power, a 6000l tank. The machine has 36 m. the span of the aluminum wings. This sprayer is designed for farms with more than 20 thousand acres, but Varex company also offers smaller sprayers Spra Coupe 4000 and 7000 for the smaller farms.

What else to expect in the future months from Varex, we learn again from Philip Lazarov: “We are dealing with many initiatives. In the near future, we plan the opening of a new base in Ruse. There will be many innovations from Valtra as well as from the other brands we represent. The more important thing is that we are chasing our tasks, as we are trying to get our teams to a more highly qualified level, better trained and prepared. We also try to optimize our activity in terms of time for response.”

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