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Training about GASPARDO PRIMO fertilizers

At the end of February, in our Central sales and service complex in the city of Plovdiv, a sales and service training was held regarding the latest and high-quality PRIMO fertilizers of the MASCHIO GASPARDO brand.

During the training, the whole range of fertilizer spreaders was examined, with the greatest attention being paid to the highest class of PRIMO EW ISOTRONIC fertilizer spreaders – ISOBUS fertilizer spreaders prepared for “precision farming”,
with section control and variable rate control.

VAREX dealers and service specialists got a first-hand look at this precision machine and received hands-on training for the purpose. The electronics and calibration demonstration performed was on a tiller attached to a MASSEY FERGUSON tractor.

The GASPARDO PRIMO EW ISOTRONIC fertilizer machine proudly ranks among the most famous brands, and even has extras that are not present in other brands.

The PRIMO spreader range is generally available in three versions: PRIMO M (with manual distribution control), PRIMO E (with continuous electronic distribution control) and PRIMO EW (with
electronic distribution control and continuous weighing). The E-EW versions are also available in the ISOTRONIC version, MASCHIO GASPARDO’s ISOBUS communication protocol to connect to the tractor computer and perform variable fertilization and overlap control.
Spreading 21-36 m., Hopper volume – up to 3200 l., Maximum flow – 640 kg./min., edging putty, mudguards, scale and lighting.

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