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Massey Ferguson introduces new features andoptions for its combine harvester range for 2024

Massey Ferguson, a worldwide brand of AGCO (NYSE:AGCO), is introducing a host of new features and options to increase performance and efficiency across its range of MF IDEAL combine harvesters for the 2024 season.

As well as sporting a new, bolder MF triple triangle logo, all the combine ranges receive new changes and additions. Updates include more engine power for the MF IDEAL 7, along with the option of a feeder house dust extractor and headland management included in the advanced MF AutoTurn system.

MF Activa, MF Activa S and MF Beta combines are now available with more factory-fitted options including AutoTilt header flotation, air compressor and camera kit. There is also a wider choice of tyres to suit all soils and situations.
Increased torque on the 12m PowerFlow header now helps it to handle heavier, thicker crops.

“Massey Ferguson prides itself in putting farmers first, constantly listening to feedback to provide exactly what they require,” explains Jérôme Aubrion, Director Marketing
Massey Ferguson, Europe & Middle East. “These latest changes and updates increase productivity and choice, which ensures the machines perfectly match the owners’ needs.”
More power and features for MF IDEAL combines

  • MF IDEAL 7 engine rated power increased to 430hp, with maximum power up to 476hp
  • Simple Stage V emission control with single turbo and no EGR valve
    New performance enhancing options for all MF IDEAL combines
  • Feeder house dust extraction
  • MF AutoTurn full headland management
  • Adjustable unloading spout
  • Heavy duty chopper knives

  • After quickly establishing a reputation for high capacity harvesting, the MF IDEAL 7 now benefits from a new AGCO power 9.81-litre, 7-cylinder engine installation. Rated power of 430hp is 38hp higher than the previous model, and its maximum power of 476hp is 25hp more than before.
  • A simplified design enables the new engine to meet the strict Stage V emissions regulations using a single turbocharger and without the need for an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve. This greatly increases reliability while reducing maintenance and running costs.
  • Dust extraction
  • A new extraction system, available for all MF IDEAL combine models, improves visibility in dry and dusty conditions. This uses a hydraulically-driven fan to gather dust from the feeder house and eject it to the right-hand side.
  • MF AutoTurn headland management
  • MF AutoTurn, which automatically steers the combine to the next wayline, is now available with the option to also operate the headland management functions. As the harvester approaches the headland the automated system will start and run the full procedure without operator intervention, carrying out the following functions:
  • Raising the header
  • Repositioning the reel
  • Steering to the next wayline
  • Lowering header to cutting position.
  • Adjustable unloading spout
  • A new adjustable spout option improves accuracy when unloading on the move. Controlled by the Multifunction Lever, the spout has infinite adjustment within its 40° movement range. Available for both the STREAMER 140 and STREAMER 210 versions, the adjustment it provides enables the tractor and trailer to be positioned exactly over the adjacent swath.

  • Heavy duty chopper knives
  • All MF IDEAL combines can now be equipped with a factory-fitted, heavy duty straw chopper knife option. A special carbon treatment prolongs the sharpness and working life, which reduces downtime and running costs. This is suitable for use with the BaseCut or ShortCut straw-choppers.
  • Among other new options for MF IDEAL combines is a grass seed unloading kit, which uses long fingers to agitate the tank to improve the crop flow. There are also new crop conversion kits, which include concaves to change from small to large grains or vice versa. A further option is available for harvesting delicate crops.

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