What is Reman?

Remanufacturing is a process where previously used assemblies are stripped down to the last nut and bolt and inspected to see which component parts are still within the original tolerance and specification to restore the unit to ‘as new’ “.

Reman is a great opportunity to get genuine replacements that are just as good as new, with fast turnaround times and save you money by replacing your old unit.

AGCO Reman is the name of the corporation’s range of remanufactured products. It is a systematic process where previously used parts are recovered and sent to the center of excellence for remanufacturing, returning them to new condition.

AGCO has been manufacturing parts for Massey Ferguson brand machinery for over 25 years. Covering machines from 1970 to current production models.

Remanufacturing is a specialized job – requiring expert skills, knowledge, technical know-how and purpose-built facilities. Every AGCO Reman part leaves the factory as new and to the same specification as the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standard. It’s backed by a full 12-month warranty, with the corporation ensuring every single dealer has a back-up to make the ordering and returns process as quick and easy as possible.
The full features and benefits of AGCO Reman parts are best explained in our short film, but in essence – AGCO Reman offers you:

  • A product that is as good as new;
  • Full warranty: from 12 months;
  • Usually saves you 30% – compared to the price of a new spare part;
  • The AGCO Reman product range is growing all the time, with many parts stocked in our warehouse ready for next day dispatch to your dealer.
  • The benefits are clear – you will save time, money and problems, and everything is risk-free. Talk to your Massey Ferguson dealer about AGCO Reman today!

AGCO Reman offers a full line of remanufactured short-block, long-block or complete engines, whether Perkins or AGCO Power engines. Your Massey Ferguson dealer can help and advise you on what to choose based on your specific needs and of course your budget.


It is certainly faster and probably more cost effective in the long run to fit a rebuilt gearbox than to go for a repair. And the costs are known in advance – no hidden surprises along the way.

Fuel injection

A local repair shop may be able to replace worn or broken parts in your fuel pump – but can they give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a full 12 month warranty on the entire unit you get with AGCO Reman. And there is no waiting!


This is a specialized set that spins a million times every 8 minutes. Don’t risk a short-term repair, rely on the AGCO Reman solution, built to OEM standards and guaranteed to spin many more millions of revolutions.

Engine components

If you need a replacement crankshaft or cylinder head, consider AGCO Reman. It’s cheaper than new, better than repair and guaranteed to work. Talk to your Massey Ferguson dealer about AGCO Reman today!


You can be sure that all AGCO Reman electronics meet the latest OEM specifications – so if there’s an upgrade available, you’ll get it. If you order an AGCO Reman Dashboard, Instrument Panel, Dashboard – we’ll ship one to your dealer the next day and you’re good to go again. Don’t forget to send your old one back!


For some MF models with AGCO Power engines we can offer an AGCO Reman water pump. They are rebuilt at our engine facility in Finland to the same specification as new. Check for an AGCO Reman pump the next time you need one.
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For certain models we offer a refurbished front axle. The range is growing all the time as we introduce new part numbers so always ask your dealer if AGCO Reman is available.
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Our range of remanufactured hydraulic pumps and cylinders cover many MF tractors and combines. Often these modules are safety critical, why take the risk when there is a cost effective AGCO Reman solution and the peace of mind that comes with it.

Contact your nearest VAREX regional dealer for more information and offers: *7007

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