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Massey Ferguson introduced a new era of tractors for dairy farms and livestock: MF5S

Massey Ferguson, the global brand of AGCO, is proud to present today to its customers five new models of 105 hp tractors. up to 145 hp The universal MF 5S series combines: high performance, comfort, versatility and agility. They have best-in-class visibility and special features, making them the best loader tractors. With its compact size - 2.55 m wheelbase, superior visibility, high hydraulic flow and control, the MF 5S further builds on Massey Ferguson's renowned reputation as a leading loader specialist. All models in this series can be delivered with loader preparation or already equipped with a factory-built Massey Ferguson MF FL series loader.

For arable and mixed agricultural operations, MF 5S tractors offer a number of productivity-enhancing features. The lifting capacity of the rear canopy is increased to 5700 kg. in the whole range and up to 6000 kg. in some specific circumstances, the capacity of the front canopy increases from 2500 kg. of the impressive 3000 kg. Combined with their higher gross weight (9,500 kg GVW), tractors can work safely with wider equipment to improve working potential.

Whether it is arable, livestock or dairy farm - these clear, reliable, comfortable, flexible and well-equipped tractors provide the needs of modern farmers, offering them at the same time low operating costs. All five models in the MF 5S series are available in a choice of ESSENTIAL, EFFICIENT or EXCLUSIVE specifications. These packages include a set of features to increase productivity and comfort, which meet a number of applications. Typical equipment options include hydraulic pump power, valve control, AutoDrive, joystick control and cab suspension.