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VAREX with a strong participation in the large field event “Field Days 2022”

For the first time, the entire agribusiness related to agricultural production in our country met at the Granary of Bulgaria. The initiative is of the Dobrudja Union of Grain Producers.

Land and agriculture are in the blood of people from Dobruja. They shared this love and dedication with all their colleagues across the country in the form of a true celebration of land and agriculture called Field Days.

The main purpose of this “festival”, besides the demonstration of varieties, hybrids, preparations, fertilizers and machines in real conditions, is to pay the necessary respect to bread, making these days a celebration of fertility and hope, a platform to attract the young in this non-healing business, a meeting place between colleagues after a well done job, namely the harvest of wheat and canola.

Nearly 100 sunflower hybrids were sown especially for the event, and practically all the seed companies that have representation in Bulgaria participated. The hybrids were located on an area of 220 decares. The area where the tents, the stage and the events were located occupied about 40 decares. The agricultural machinery was located on about another 40 decares. The field for the presentations, on the other hand, was 300 decares. Various types of competitions and animations were also held there.

VAREX had a strong presence during the event, as it presented machines unmatched in their workability, productivity and reliability, in action in the field, namely:

  • Self-propelled sprayer GRIM 9 MAXI, which demonstrates unsurpassed clearance and speed of work. The 9 MAXI series is the highest performing and versatile machine that is suitable for working with taller crops such as corn, sunflower, canola, cotton and others. This is achieved thanks to the exceptional clearance between the frame and the ground – 1550 mm. with the possibility of the clearance becoming 1700 or 1800 mm. The machine is driven thanks to POCLAIN hydrostatic motors, through which it reaches a high working speed. The solution tank is 3500 L or 4000 L. This machine is independent pneumatic and hydro-pneumatic suspension, as well as the self-adjusting automatic front and rear tire suspension support system, achieves the perfect balance of operator comfort but also a fast work speed. The wings are from steel, with independent suspension, hydraulically folding with an air absorbing element in the presence of vibrations. The sizes are from 21 to 32 m. with a different type and method of folding, and there is also a large choice of detachable sections depending on the precision that is desired to be achieved: 5, 7, 9, 11 or 13 sections.
  • Tractor MF8740S DVT EFF – this innovative series of tractors offers the highest class of equipment and at the same time efficiency, useful power and productivity. The machines have the latest generation STAGE V engines for harmful emissions. These are tractors with huge working capabilities, built to effortlessly work hectare after hectare while the operator remains relaxed and fuel consumption is kept to a minimum. With five models in this range, with outputs from 300 to 400 hp and a power management system, the MF 8700S tractors can handle even the largest implements with ease.
    Tractor MF8S.265 D7 EXC – designed for farmers by farmers, after seven years of worldwide testing and extensive customer consultation, the MF 8S tractor series delivers exactly what operators want – new levels of comfort and efficiency, but also tractors, fully connected through SMART technologies and sustainable agriculture. An international jury from over 60 countries selected the MF 8S tractor from among thousands of others for the Red Dot: Product Design of the Year 2021 award in the Commercial Vehicles category, which is only awarded to products with outstanding design. This is another award for the MF8S.265 Dyna 7 Exclusive tractor, the other awards are: “Tractor of the Year 2021”, “Agricultural Machine of the Year 2022” and the award for “Best Global Performance 2020”. There are 6 all-new MF 8S series tractor models that feature their unique ‘Protect-U’ cab/engine construction and radical ‘neo-retro’ design. Built on a 3.05 m wheelbase, the tractors have a maximum power of 205 hp. up to 305 hp, all with 20 extra horsepower from Electronic Engine Power Management (EPM). Maximum power is generated already at 1000 rpm and is constant up to 1500 rpm, ensuring high performance at low engine speeds, which in turn reduces fuel consumption by up to 10% and noise by up to 6 dB.
  • Tractor MF5S.125 D4 EFF – with a choice of 5 models, the new MF 5S series is undoubtedly the best in its class tractor for the industry, as it offers excellent maneuverability and versatility for work in the farmyard, in the field or on the road, such as delivers maximum power, agility, engineering quality and new, distinctive styling. It is no coincidence that the MF5S won the “Best Product Design 2022” award, but also the “Tractor of Spain 2022” award. regarding the MF 5S.145 Dyna-6 model. With its completely new and advanced design, high-performance drivetrain, high levels of comfort and a large selection of implements and options, the MF 5S is undoubtedly built to handle all challenges and tasks on the farm.
  • Tractor MF7S.165 – developed specifically to meet the needs of agricultural professionals in all types of business activities, the MF 7S is perfectly suited to a variety of applications from mixed farming to grain production, bringing with it maximum efficiency and low running costs. The MF 7S is available with a wide choice of engine outputs, transmissions, cab specifications, hydraulics and PTO options so that it can be customized to exactly match the customer’s needs.
  • CLAYDON TS6.3 –The TerraStar® helps drain the top layer of soil, and the depth adjustment wheels provide precise control of seeding depth for multiple passes. This multi-purpose machine can be used as a mechanical weeder, reducing the need for glyphosate. It makes stubble management much easier and reduces slug populations. The TerraStar® is an ideal implement for mulching and incorporating crop residues and can be used to produce more even seedbeds, not only in undisturbed soil, but also behind any other tillage equipment. The TerraStar® is fast and efficient and, like all machines in the Claydon range, incorporates a minimum of wearing parts, making the job extremely cost-effective.
  • CLAYDON SH12.5 – Claydon straw harrows create a micro slope in the top 30mm. soil and use the retained moisture for rapid, even weed germination. They dig up and kill weeds in the cotyledon stage and single-leaf sprouts, removing a food source for slugs. They break up the snails’ nests and dry their eggs by stirring and exposing the moist chaff and straw to the sun. At speeds of up to 25 km/h, Claydon straw harrows are an effective tool for stubble management. They shred the straw, breaking it up for faster decomposition and can be used before or after operations to level the soil and create a slight slope.
  • CLAYDON T8 – Claydon’s planters meet the requirements of large-scale farmers. With their help, the structure and fertility of the soil is improved and it does so consistently, year after year, regardless of the type of soil and the geographical location of the farm.
  • Combine MF IDEAL 8 – this combine sets new standards in terms of productivity, grain purity, straw cutting, reliability, but also the ability of the machine to autonomously manage processes through a unique sensor technology for machine adjustment. Equipped with the Helix threshing and separating system, including the longest rotor on the market with a length of 4.84 m and a diameter of 600 mm. IDEAL has the largest grain hopper on the market with a capacity of 17,100 liters (18% more than combines in this class) and the highest unloading speed – 210 liters/second (32% faster than anything before). The chassis of the combine is only 1.40 m, keeping a width under 3.30 m. even with 26″ front tracks. The combine is equipped with a unique RowerFlow header with a maximum working width of 12.20 m, but is also equipped with the new Idealharvest system, which allows visualization of the load on the threshing and cleaning system in real time by means of acoustic sensors (MADS).

If you were not able to visit us during this event, you can look for the company’s specialists in our sales and service centers in the country or to request a consultation on our national phone with them: *7007 or you can view the machines we offer from here: www.varex.bg.

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