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VAREX with a new home in the heart of Dobruja

On 29th of September, 2022 (Thursday) at 5:30 p.m., the official opening of the new sales and service center of VAREX company in the city of Dobrich, located at 15 “Varnenski Path” street, which is on of 952 sq.m. RZP.

Varex is a dynamically developing company that permanently invests in the development of its human resources, commercial and service base and infrastructure, regional coverage, but also technical support of its divisions for the needs of its customers.
The company’s customers can count on increasingly high-quality service, thanks not only to the specialized equipment and original spare parts that the company offers, but also to the highly qualified service specialists it has.

Relationships between agricultural machinery dealers and farmers are built over years, with trust and openness being the most important element in them. “Varex” company has proven more than once over the years that it always stands by its customers, regardless of everything, helping them so that they never interrupt their work duties. Another step in this direction is the construction of a new commercial and service building of VAREX in the key region for Bulgarian agriculture, which is Dobrich.

“Anything that begins with prayer has a good way.” – this was predicted by Father Petar, who performed a solemn water ceremony for the opening of the new home of innovative agricultural technology. The ribbon on the new base was cut by the mayor of Dobrich Yordan Yordanov and the owners of VAREX OOD Elisaveta Markova and Ivan Maslarov.

  • “We will be fine!” – this is what Ivan Maslarov said in his address to the guests on the occasion of the heavy rain during the event. – “Dear ladies and gentlemen, in my capacity as manager and partner of VAREX company, and on behalf of my two partners: Mrs. Elisaveta Markova and Mr. Georgi Pankov, I want to thank you for respecting us and for being here together even under these slightly more extreme conditions. It is an honor and a great pleasure for me to participate in the opening of the new trade and service complex of the VAREX company in the city of Dobrich. Most of you know that the company has almost 30 years of history. Next year VAREX will celebrate its 30th anniversary in April, nearly 25 years of which have been dedicated to agriculture and machinery distribution. Bulgaria. The opening of this base creates the best conditions for servicing the agricultural machinery that we offer. The investment we have made is really big and at a critical moment in the development of our country. We believe that this investment is necessary and meets our medium and long-term goals in the growth of our company through the development of human resources and regional coverage. I want to express special thanks to the municipality of Dobrich for the flexibility and responsiveness and all the support during the construction of the base. In conclusion, I would like to welcome to their new home our wonderful team of highly qualified specialists headed by regional manager Eng. Diyan Penev and wish them good health, many future clients and success!”

In addition to administrative offices, the new building also has a commercial and service center. The spacious showroom houses various sized rooms for client meetings and training. The equipment repair and service facility has three cells and is equipped to the highest standards. The large parts warehouse is well organized and offers all the necessary amenities for fast and quality customer service. The outdoor area has an exhibition area for the equipment offered by VAREX, a parking lot for visitors, employees and a test drive track.

The project implementation period is less than a year, and the quick implementation is an example of successful cooperation between the client, chap. architect – Boryana Stancheva, architect – Nikolay Hristov, designer – engineer Pencho Kervanov and Dobrudzha Building EOOD, accompanying all stages of construction of the object.
The mayor of Dobrich Yordan Yordanov, the deputy mayor Pencho Kervanov, the owners of VAREX OOD Elisaveta Markova and Ivan Maslarov, the regional sales manager of MF for Western Europe of AGCO and partner of Varex – Paul Dowdeswell, the chairman of board of directors of KURT – Kemal Kurt, distribution manager for Central Europe of AGCO – Milana Šmejkalová, as well as other guests – Veselin Valev, director for Eastern Europe of Great Plains, Andrei Botnari – export manager of Claydon, Simeon Simeonov – export manager and representative of M. Gaspardo and, of course, the host in the person of the regional manager of Varex – Diyan Penev.

During the event, the guests witnessed a parade of tractors, combines and equipment, and the manager of the Turkish company KURT – Kemal Kurt in the form of a raffle – presented a brand new 7-row KURT cultivator with fertilizer application to the company “Ramina”, Hitovo village.

One of the surprises that the company had prepared for its visitors was the presentation of an exquisite mural in the building’s showroom, painted by the artist Radoslav Rudachev-Rudi, known among the Dobrica community as Art Hero. The incredible composition was covered with a dark cloth, which was removed at a later stage of the event to achieve the effect of surprise. The painting is a three-dimensional image of a girl in costume sitting under the hot sun in the wheat fields of Dobrich, carrying an overflowing basket of fruits and natural gifts. The artist’s idea is that the girl personifies Dobruja, and the basket she carries represents her fertility and abundance of natural resources.

The main direction in the future activity of VAREX OOD remains the upgrading of the established good relations with customers through adequate supply of reliable and workable machines, but also their quality service for trouble-free performance of work activities, both in the field and on the farm. For this reason, the company never stops investing in better infrastructure and competent support for its growing number of customers. Proof of this is that even before the new base was officially opened, a deal for a Massey Ferguson tractor was already completed. And there is little doubt that it will be followed by many more, as the satisfied owners of machines with the brands Kurt, Claydon, Maschio Gaspardo, Grim, Great Plains, Nardi, Seppi m, etc., are steadily increasing.
Diyan Penev, regional manager of the VAREX company in Dobrich, was also extremely excited, who also greeted all those present and shared:

“Our new base is extremely well designed. It combines a huge showroom, a sales area, a large workshop, equipped with the latest technology, so that we can, if necessary, meet all customer requirements. Farmers can count on us from the very sale , operation, maintenance, everything that is needed. We have one motto: With us, business with a customer starts after the sale. Service is extremely important. The first deal is done by the dealer, and from then on, every subsequent deal is done by the service. Our team is of 10 people, with half in after-sales services. The trend is to increase by at least 20-30%. We have a heavy organization ahead of us in the coming days, as we have a lot of machines to hand over. Most of the ones available at the opening have already been sold to farmers “They were looking forward to their delivery. One hour before the opening of the new base, we unloaded the last machines. – Diyan Penev does not hide his satisfaction.

The celebration continued with folk songs, performances of children’s folklore ensemble “Hortse”, delicious cake, friendly toasts and an amazing light show, where the innovative and impressive machines built in the new base of VAREX Ltd. in Dobrich were presented through various light beams in rhythm with specific melodies.

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