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Basic partners of "VAREX" are world known companies:


CHALLENGER (part of AGCO) - USA - tractors, crops-harvesters, sprayers and etc.


MASSEY FERGUSON (part of AGCO) - Italy, France - crops-harvesters, traktors from 69hp - 400hp. balers, telehandlers,


LAVERDA (part of AGCO) - Italy - crops-harvesters, rice combines, altoleveling combines  to 40%,


GREAT PLAINS - UK - combined soil-cultivating machines


FELLA - Germany - green line machinery,


LEMKEN  - Germany - ploughs, stubble cultivators, seedbed cultivators, drills, sprayers and etc.


SEPPI.M - Italy - small-peaces breakers for agricultural and wood economies and landschaft - building.


CAPELLO - Italy - combined adaptors for sunflower and corn harvest.


EUROTECHNICS AGRI - France - plough Goiziz, other preparation for sowing seed or planting and Jean De Bru.


GASPARDO - Italy - specialising in the production of agricultural machinery for tillage, seeding, haying, landscaping and crop care, minimum tillage equipment and sparying equipment.


DIECI - Italy -  telehandler, agri machine, mixer, dumper.


GUSTROWER - Germany - chaser bin, Injection technology and etc.


PEZZOLATO - Italy - disc chippers - to reduce the volume of large heaps of green or dry material, including logs and branches, Chipping machines - reduce the volume of felled wood, Drum chippers - Drum chippers can obtain large volumes of chipped material.


KESLA - Finland - forest machine cranes, tractor forest equipment, harvester heads, chippers, grapples, truck and stationary cranes.

GALUCHO - Portugal- disk harrows

KURT - Turkey - planters and cultivators