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The company has been established in 1993 year with partners Elisaveta Markova, Ivan Maslarov and Georgi Pankov.

It's specialized in supply and realization of agricultural technique for the Bulgarian market. What is priority in the development of company's activity is the professional attitude to the specific needs of every customer.

Not just technique is offered, but a complete decision for his agriculture.

The delivered machines are high qualified and correspond to the last trends in the development of agricultural technique.

The machines correspond to the environment requirements - protecting the soil from pollution and etc.

Varex's mission is to supply serious machines, to do serious service and to create serious partnership for years forward.


Basic partners of "VAREX" are world known companies:


CHALLENGER (part of AGCO) - USA - tractors, crops-harvesters, sprayers and etc.


MASSEY FERGUSON (part of AGCO) - Italy, France - crops-harvesters, traktors from 69hp - 400hp. balers, telehandlers


LAVERDA (part of AGCO) - Italy - crops-harvesters, rice combines, altoleveling combines  to 40%


GREAT PLAINS - UK - combined soil-cultivating machines


FELLA - Germany - green line machinery


LEMKEN  - Germany - ploughs, stubble cultivators, seedbed cultivators, drills, sprayers and etc.


SEPPI.M - Italy - small-peaces breakers for agricultural and wood economies and landschaft - building


EUROTECHNICS AGRI - France - plough Goiziz, other preparation for sowing seed or planting and Jean De Bru


GASPARDO - Italy - specialising in the production of agricultural machinery for tillage, seeding, haying, landscaping and crop care, minimum tillage equipment and sparying equipment


DIECI - Italy -  telehandler, agri machine, mixer, dumper


GUSTROWER - Germany - chaser bin, Injection technology and etc.


PEZZOLATO - Italy - disc chippers - to reduce the volume of large heaps of green or dry material, including logs and branches, Chipping machines - reduce the volume of felled wood, Drum chippers - Drum chippers can obtain large volumes of chipped material


KESLA - Finland - forest machine cranes, tractor forest equipment, harvester heads, chippers, grapples, truck and stationary cranes


GALUCHO - Portugal- disk harrows


KURT - Turkey - planters and cultivators


AGREX - Italy - fertilizers


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