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Massey Ferguson presents a new era of affordable, reliable and connected tractors - MF 8S Series

AGCO's world-famous brand, Massey Ferguson, is proud to announce the launch of the all-new MF 8S series of tractors. Through this series, the brand marks a new era of "Simple, reliable and connected tractors". Tractors providing new levels of comfort and efficiency, fully integrated through smart technology and sustainable agriculture.

Designed for farmers by farmers, after seven years of worldwide testing and extensive customer consultation, the MF 8S series of tractors provides exactly what operators want. Although equipped with superb specifications, they also offer exceptional value for money. In this way, Massey Ferguson guarantees its customers that they will pay only for what they need.

There are 4 completely new models of tractors from the MF 8S series, which are distinguished by their unique cab / engine installation "Protect-U" and their radical "neo-retro" design. Built on a 3.05 m wheelbase, the tractors have a maximum power of 205 hp. up to 265 hp, all with 20 extra horsepower from the Electronic Engine Power Control (EPM).

At the same time, Massey Ferguson introduces a new, clear numbering. Take the MF 8S.265 model for example: the eight marks the series, the S- indicates the level of specifications, and the last three digits indicate the maximum power.